Hey there!

We’re Jon and Christina Hall, the proud founders of Gracie’s Goldens, right here in Campbellsville, Kentucky! Golden retrievers have been an absolute cornerstone of our lives for nearly three incredible decades.

It all started when Jon surprised me with my very first golden puppy as a Christmas gift, way before we even tied the knot!

Now, let us tell you about our inspiration behind getting into breeding: our one-of-a-kind boy, Rex.

Picture this: a charming dark red coat, curly fur that’s simply irresistible, and a heart as sweet as can be. Everybody who met him couldn’t help but suggest that we carry on his extraordinary lineage. So, on a mission to find the perfect match, we stumbled upon the most stunning golden girl, boasting all the best qualities we could ever dream of.

GracieBelle was the name we lovingly chose—a delightful blend of Jon’s wonderful grandmother, Gracie, and my own beloved great grandmother. That’s how Gracie’s Goldens came into existence!

Our goldens are our treasured pets and cherished family members. They roam freely across our beautiful central Kentucky property, bringing endless joy and love into our lives. We firmly believe that having a golden retriever by your side makes life so much brighter and more fulfilling. Trust us, these furballs are pure magic!

As educators by trade, we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a deep-rooted commitment to constantly bettering the breed we adore. Matching our adorable puppies with their forever families is an absolute honor and privilege. We genuinely believe that with each happy, healthy, and wonderfully socialized pup we raise, we’re forging lifelong friendships and creating best friends for life.

So, welcome to Gracie’s Goldens, where our mission is simple: breeding best friends—one incredible golden retriever at a time!

We pour our hearts and souls into this journey, dedicated to bringing joy, love, and wagging tails into the lives of those who choose to join our extended family. Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with endless puppy cuddles, laughter, and the unmatched bond that only a golden retriever can provide. We can’t wait to be a part of your journey!


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